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40-45 Gallon Recycling Bags
  • 40-45 Gallon Recycling Bags
  • 40-45 Gallon Recycling Bags
  • 40-45 Gallon Recycling Bags

40-45 Gallon Recycling Bags

1.2 Mil, 40"W x 46"H, Blue, 100 / case

item #H-RBL46
Some municipalities require blue recycling bags, and some people just prefer them to clear plastic. Azure, translucent and pretty as a warm summer day, every inch of these robust 45 gallon blue recycling bags broadcasts quality all-American workmanship. These flexible bags are made from a heavy 1.2 mil of low-density plastic and at 40 to 45 gallons, are perfectly sized for larger commercial recycling bins. Awkward or pointy loads of cardboard, glass, metal, and other tough recyclables are no challenge for these resilient bags. The expanding gusset seam helps create a precise fit, and is carefully reinforced for an extra layer of protection against splitting or leaking.

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  • 40-45 Gallon Gallon Capacity
  • 40"W x 46"H Dimensions
  • Blue Color
  • 1.2 Mil Thickness
  • Low Density (thicker material) Density
  • Gusset ?

    Gusset Sealed Trash Bags are sealed on the bottom and the sides are tucked in to form gussets, or extensions. The gussets give the bags a clean, square profile making these bags a great fit for many types of trash cans or as a free-standing bag. While they can generally handle heavy loads, they do have a tendency to leak with very wet trash.

  • Heavy Thickness Grade
  • Standard, Twist-tie (upon request) ?

    You can request twist ties on your Shopping Cart page. Select the checkbox on the bottom of your shopping cart that says Add Twist Ties To Your Order and you will receive twist ties for your full order Free Of Charge.

  • 100 / Case Case Count
  • Flat - Bulk Folded Packed in Case
  • 14.72 lbs Case Weight
  • 151-170 Liter Bag Volume Capacity in Liters
  • 85 lbs Bag Load Capacity
  • 23" (width) x 17" (depth) x 46" (height) Alternate Bag Dimensions
  • H-RBL46 Manufacturer Sku