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7-10 Gallon High Density Bags
  • 7-10 Gallon High Density Bags
  • 7-10 Gallon High Density Bags

7-10 Gallon High Density Bags

6 Microns, 24"W x 24"H, Clear, 1000 / Case

item #W8HDC1
Are you in the market for a perfectly fitted, virtually invisible lining solution to your trash problems? Think clear, 7-10 gallon high density bags is the answer. Carefully crafted to seamlessly line those harder to fit bins and baskets, these bags have a strong star sealed bottom for the perfect, everyday, midsized garbage bag. Designed to hold paper, tissue, and lightweight trash, the 7-10 gallon high density bag works well in almost every room in the house. Besides for being neat and clean, going clear also helps avoid unintended disposals.
  • BUY 1-7 cases:
    per case ($0.02/bag )
  • $24.09
    per case ($0.02/bag )
    when buying 1-7 cases
  • BUY 8-24 cases:
    per case ($0.02/bag )
  • $20.59
    per case ($0.02/bag )
    when buying 8-24 cases (most popular see why)
  • BUY 25-69 cases:
    per case ($0.02/bag )
  • $19.79
    per case ($0.02/bag )
    when buying 25-69 cases
  • BUY 70+ cases:
    per case ($0.02/bag )
  • $18.88
    per case ($0.02/bag )
    when buying 70+ cases

Combined Case Volume Discount

Our customers usually order between 8 and 24 cases.


  1. The price is significantly better than when ordering one or two cases.
  2. What's more: the discount works when ordering 8 total cases of any trash bags. That's right. Any combination. Any Trash Bags. Just make sure your TOTAL is at least 8 cases.

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That's right. Any combination. Any Trash Bags. Just make sure your TOTAL is at least 8 cases.

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  • 7-10 Gallon Gallon Capacity
  • 24"W x 24"H Dimensions
  • Clear Color
  • 6 Microns Thickness
  • High Density (economy) Density
  • Star ?

    Star Sealed Trash Bags are created without gussets and sealed in a single spot making them virtually leak-proof. They can hold very heavy or wet trash and easily conform to any size trash can with ease. Also known as an "X-seal," a star seal is the most commonly found seal today.

  • Light Thickness Grade
  • Standard, Twist-tie (upon request) ?

    You can request twist ties on your Shopping Cart page. Select the checkbox on the bottom of your shopping cart that says Add Twist Ties To Your Order and you will receive twist ties for your full order Free Of Charge.

  • 1000 / Case Case Count
  • Coreless Roll Packed in Case
  • 9.33 lbs Case Weight
  • 26-38 Liter Bag Volume Capacity in Liters
  • 20 lbs Bag Load Capacity
  • HC-242406c Manufacturer Sku
  • SAME DAY SHIPPING Orders for in-stock items that are placed before 2:00 PM EST usually ship the same day.
  • RETURNS. We hope you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. But in case you're not, we will gladly accept returns or exchanges within 30 days and issue a complete refund.


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In order to choose the right size bag, please consider the following:

  • On, dimensions refer to the dimensions of the trash bag, not the trash can.
  • The trash bag dimensions need to be larger than your trash can measurements to ensure a proper fit.


 1. Determine the width of the trash bag you will need:

Square/rectangle trash cans:

Round trash cans:

square can

Take the perimeter (sum of all the sides) of your trash can and divide by 2. This will be the width of your trash bag.

Example: Perimeter of can = 32", Width of trash bag = Perimeter (32) divided by two = 16"
round can

Take the diameter (width of your trash can) and multiply by 3.14 (pi). Take this number and divide by 2.

Example: Diameter = 16", Width of trash bag = (16 x 3.14)/2 = 25"

2. Determine the height of the trash bag you will need:

Take the height of your can, and add four inches for overhang plus half the width of the can (or diameter), this ensures there’s enough material to cover the bottom of your can.

Example: Bag height needed: 42 (can height) + 4 (overhang) + 12 (1/2 can width) = 60.