PlasticPlace adds new Distribution Center in Sparks, NV

New distribution center for plasticplace cuts shipping time for West Coasters.

Lakewood, New Jersey, January 3, 2013

For over 30 years, PlasticPlace has been a leading supplier of quality trash bags for commercial and residential use. Since launching their website,, seven years ago, they have seen exponential growth and expansion. To better accommodate their many customers on the West Coast, company CEO, Michael Rosenberg, recently announced the opening of a  new distribution center in Sparks, NV in addition to their current headquarters in Lakewood, NJ. All of PlasticPlace’s most popular products are stocked and ready to ship from their new state-of the art warehouse. The Sparks Nevada Center will service surrounding states like Washington, California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota,  and Utah.

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