A Salute to Sanitation Workers

National Garbage Man Day

If you happen to peek at our calendar, you’ll notice that we’ve circled the upcoming date of June 17th. “What date is that?” you may wonder, why it’s National Garbage Man Day, of course!

The concept behind this “holiday” was initiated by John D. Arwood, himself a second generation garbage man and presently the CEO of Arwood Waste, a private waste management company based out of Jacksonville, Florida. National Garbage Man Day was observed last year for the first time, and preparations for this year’s celebration are in full swing. Through the use of various print and social media campaigns, people across America are being encouraged to mark the date by conveying their appreciation to their garbage collectors, whether by supplying them with a cold drink, a plate of cookies, or by a expressing a simple thank you.
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Do you know what’s in your trashcan?

Bet’cha didn’t know this one! Though Americans represent but five percent of the total world population, we somehow manage to generate a whopping thirty percent of the world’s garbage! Proud Americans have often bragged of our country’s preeminence in areas such as the arts, wealth, and humanitarian aid and can now add another claim to fame to their list; America- world leader in waste production.
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