Snag The Bag Of The Season (Advice on Choosing The Right Trash Bag)

Do you have a passion for bags? Craving the must-have bag of the moment, or a timeless bag for the ages? Seeking the bag that best fits your lifestyle? Sniffing around for a smart bag buy – a bag that not only looks great, but also carries its weight?

Read on, consumeristas, because we’re about to share a brilliant Life/Bag Hack that’s going to change your life: How to choose the perfect bag for your needs.

The perfect trash bag, that is. Continue reading

Navigating an Ocean of Plastic

Plastic Bottle in OceanFifty years ago, the movie The Graduate advised us that a great and promising future lay encapsulated in a single word: “Plastics!” The intervening generations seem to have taken this vision seriously – maybe a little too seriously. Now plastic threatens to overwhelm the oceans and saturate the seas: over 165 million tons of plastic resides in the world’s waters, and eight million tons continue to leak in each year. By 2050, the World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates, the ocean will contain more plastic than fish. This plastic deluge causes immeasurable damage to ocean life, and endangers humans as well. But we can take steps to help – by preventing plastic pollution and helping clean up the coasts. And, as a species, we may still be able to turn the tide away from this dangerous course. Continue reading