What To Do About Smelly Garbage

SUMMER is coming – and with it, smelly trash cans will become an issue as always.

So just imagine: you’re walking down the sidewalk near your neighbor’s property, or maybe climbing down to the garbage room in his building, or even passing the open alley next to his place of business. Suddenly the stench from your neighbor’s garbage hits you hard – a major, major downer. Continue reading

The Mysterious Afterlife of a Single-Use Plastic Bag

Ever peek into the space beneath your sink, or search deep within a kitchen drawer, only to find a cluster of dozens, even hundreds, of bunched-up plastic bags? “How did they get here,” you think, “and did they reproduce while I wasn’t looking?” Maybe you occasionally re-use these plastic bags as makeshift wastebasket liners, or to tote small items from place to place, but your usage cannot possibly keep pace with their speedy accumulation. Perhaps you’d feel guilty throwing them straight into the garbage, especially after only one use. And you really don’t know how to recycle them, since your township’s recycling instructions for plastic bags may be unclear. Plus, they seem like they’ll come in handy again someday. So you shove them out of sight. That explains the unruly bag stash – dwarfed only by your other huge pile, the single socks from the washer, for which you still, someday, hope to find mates.

It’s not easy to know what to do with used plastic bags, or what happens to them when they leave your hands. Overall, everything about plastic bags’ post-use afterlife seems unclear and misunderstood. So, with this post, we will take a look into the process of recycling and reusing plastic bags. Continue reading