3 Reasons to Get Rid of Grotesque Grocery Bags

For most homeowners, wastepaper baskets are a domestic convenience, but these tiny bins can easily become a problem without the proper liner. In fact, many people choose to reuse old shopping bags as liners, a practice that is generally not recommended as these bags rarely hold up to everyday use. Plasticplace, on the other hand, provides liners for your wastepaper basket that are designed for superior performance. If you are still not sure whether small garbage bags are worth the investment, here are three reasons to do away with grungy grocery bag liners. Continue reading

How Trash Bags Are Made

Garbage bags are a sort of twentieth-century miracle. Since 1950, when first invented by Canadian inventor Harry Wasylyk, garbage bags have revolutionized our sanitation and cleanliness process – versus the old method of letting garbage pile up in germ-ridden metal cans.

Wasylyk created the first trash bag in a chemistry lab. But how are garbage bags manufactured today?

Today, garbage bags are created in large plants using heavy machinery. They are created in long tubes, then cut and separated to produce individual bags. Working with molten plastic can be surprisingly delicate and beautiful! Here’s a simple explanation of the process. Continue reading