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Why is thickness important when purchasing trash bags?

The thickness (gauge) of a bag will determine strength, weight and of course, price.
LOW DENSITY bags are a thicker gauge and will provide more strength and heft. Choose these bags for heavier or bulkier items. HIGH DENSITY bags are lighter weight and will save you some money. These bags are ideal for light to moderately heavy trash..
LINEAR LOW DENSITY (LLD) trash bags are strong, flexible and highly resistant to puncturing and tearing. They are ideal for kitchen trash, construction debris or trash that includes glass, metal, wood, cardboard or irregular shaped items. LLD bags are measured in MIL, which is one thousandth of an inch thick, with 0.7 Mil being the thinnest and 4.0 Mil being the thickest. Use a lower MIL count for lighter, smaller trash and higher MIL count for larger, heavier and more sharp-edged trash.


Standard Strength
GOOD CHOICE FOR lighter loads of trash
Standard Strength
PUNCTURE-RESISTANT TO general food waste, office waste, rough edged objects, bones, crab legs, metal lids


Heavy Strength
GOOD CHOICE FOR everyday trash
Heavy strength to protect from tears and rips
Heavy Strength
PUNCTURE-RESISTANT TO items with sharp corners, lawn trimmings, sticks


Extra Heavy Strength
GOOD CHOICE FOR heavy trash
Extra heavy to resist rips from sharp edges
Extra Heavy Strength
PUNCTURE-RESISTANT TO broken glass, items with sharp corners, rough food waste


Contractor Strength
GOOD CHOICE FOR super heavy rough trash Contractor-grade strength for great tear resistance
Contractor Strength
PUNCTURE-RESISTANT TO construction debris