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We've been in business 17 years and we have a 5 star customer rating. Everything we do is designed to keep clients from experiencing any frustration from their trash bags. Your focus, energy and time should be on your growth and success. Not on a product that is barely ever seen.


Cost-efficient solutions

Our streamlined with volume-based tiered pricing and the promise of significant discounts, doesn't just save you money—it maximizes your savings potential.


Our customer always come first

At Plastic Place, our goal is to make your life easier. Whether you've got questions about your order or need help with customization, our friendly experts are just a call or click away, we will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction!


We've got the best selection

Our goal is to be your first and last stop for trash bags. That’s why we carry a large inventory of trash bags in almost any size, thickness, or color so you can easily find the right bag for the right job.


We care for the environment

We’re aware of the impact plastics can have on the environment, both in the manufacturing and usage. Therefore, we specifically source from manufacturers that have taken steps to reduce their environmental footprint. In addition, all of the bags we sell are made from at least 50% recycled materials.

Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“You can't beat the quality of bags - the usability comes with perfection. Most importantly the pricing discounts are amazing blowing the competition away. I will continue to buy my bags from PLASTICPLACE”

Daniel Anderson
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“I buy several different size trash bags for my business at plasticplace. Best prices and super fast shipping. Highly recommended”

Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“Happy to continue to order all of our bags from here. Best prices, easy to find even the most difficult bag, fast, free shipping. Best price I could find anywhere.”

Christina Frankel
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“Thanks so much Plasticplace for I would say the best quality bags available the bags hold all of my contents they are strong and durable without a doubt Plastic place you are a winner to me no one else will do”

Philip Covington
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“PlasticPlace has the best bags for the best prices. Their customer service cannot be beat! They are my first and last stop when I'm ordering bags for our building.”

z. Freedman
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“Outstanding product. Quality and fit are exactly as the brand name product but at a fraction of the cost. Wish I had found these years ago. Will definitely be my go-to trash bags from now on.”

E. Phillips
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“Product arrived quickly and securely, at a cost-effective price.”

A. Striefer
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“Great size, excellent strength, and very cost effective!”

E. Roden
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“Exceptional products money can buy! The website is easy to surf and purchasing plastic bags from PlasticPlace is an easy task. The free delivery is a cost savings. I would highly recommend ordering your plastic bags from PlasticPlace.”

B. Giunta
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“These eco-friendly bags are sturdy and reasonably priced. If I were to buy this many bags in small packages at the grocery, it would cost quite a bit more.”

Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“Great quality, perfect fit and the customer service is outstanding!”

Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“Rare quality and a history of great customer service here”

Bruce Wahlig
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“High quality bags and excellent customer service!”

Ann Solan
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“PlasticPlace has great products and excellent customer service. I always recommend them to all my friends and relatives.”

B. Cote
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“great website, easy ordering, fast and unexpensive shipping and over all GREAT customer service!!!...highly recommend:)”

Lag Plastic
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“Always a great variety of high quality products with speedy shipment”

R. Kuchera
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“Great variety, reasonable prices, prompt shipping!”

Ventana Wind
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“I really appreciate the variety of bags and speed of delivery. Thanks a lot!”

Russel Hall
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“Plasticplace has a wide variety of bags and they are good quality. Order is quickly delivered. Highly recommended.”

S. Conro
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“This is the second time I have purchased bags here. I love the variety of unusual sizes, they work out perfectly for me.”

C. Gagne
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“I get my trash picked up every other week but these bags start composting within a week so switched to weekly pickup. I feel better about my helping the environment so well worth the increased effort.”

A. Assuton
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“So excited to receive these compostable bags! Thank you for doing your part for the environment!”

T. Homj
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“These recycle bags are quality products and as a bulk item, even with the shipping, are still the best value for your buck in comparison to anything else on the market.”

Vancisi nova
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“I use them for my recycles which makes it much easier on the garbage men and keeps my recycle pails clean.”

Marleen Goepel
Over 100,000+ Satisfied Customers

“It is a great recycle bag and I will certainly keep using them. Makes less mess in my trash can and hold quite a bit of recyclable materials. Happy with my purchase, good price too!”


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