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Questions & Answers

What are the uses for 56-gallon garbage bags?  

These bags are particularly well-suited for large Rubbermaid Glutton® trash cans. They are perfect for managing significant volumes of trash without frequent bag changes. Their strength and reliability make them a smart choice for:

1. Hospitals and healthcare facilities

2. Schools

3. Construction sites

​4. Large parties and festival cleanups

5. Landscaping/yardwork

6. Large offices and commercial kitchens.

Our heavy-duty bags come in various thickness options. Low-density resins ensure our bags can stretch, flex, and resist punctures. Users can trust our heavy-duty bags when dealing with sharp objects like bones, broken glass, or metal cans. Grab yours now!

How durable are 56-gallon trash bags? 

The design of these 56-gallon bags reflects their exceptional durability. Their unmatched resilience is also due to the reinforced bottoms and gusset seals. 

The premium low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material allows the bags to withstand significant loads without tearing. This design choice provides the extra level of strength and flexibility that users enjoy in these bags. You can expect nothing but the best trash bags money can buy.  

Are these bags suitable for outdoor needs? 

Yes, they are. The superior resistance to rain, sunlight and extreme temperatures is a standout feature in our 56-gallon trash can liners. In addition, thanks to their 1.5-mil thickness, these bags can withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor use. So whether you are dealing with yard debris or outdoor event cleanups, our bags are just what you need. 

Do these trash bags work for commercial use? 

Absolutely. In fact, commercial establishments are one of the primary settings where our 56-gallon bags have proven themselves. Here are some examples:

Restaurants/Food Service: Busy kitchens and dining areas are known for generating waste such as expired food, eggshells, plate scrapings, food packaging, used bottles, and jars. Our 56-gallon trash bags can be ideal in this situation to help ensure a hygienic and healthy space.

Supermarkets and Warehouses: These bags are a sustainable choice for managing the disposal of packaging materials, damaged goods, and other related waste.

Hotels and Hospitality Business: From guest rooms to banquet halls, our durable 56-gallon trash can liners support various waste management needs, including event clean-ups and daily operations.

Schools and Educational Institutions: These high-capacity bags are a reliable solution for managing waste in cafeterias, dormitories, and classroom cleaning activities. 

Can you use these bags in construction? 

Yes, you can. In addition to commercial settings, these bags are highly suitable for construction projects. They can contain common waste from construction sites, including:

1. Framing

2. Concrete

3. Plastic

4. Wood

5. Asbestos

6. Metals.

So whether it's a minor renovation or a large building project, these heavy-duty trash bags provide the durability needed in the demanding construction environment. Go for a sustainable waste disposal solution today. Buy premium American-made trash bags for a satisfying cleaning experience!