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What Size Trash Bag Do I Need? 2 Easy Steps.

Struggling to find the right size bag for your can?Here's a couple of handy hints.First, try our handy calculator...

  • 1. Choose your can shape
  • 2. Enter dimensions
  • 3. Viewresult
  • 4. Choose your bag

Enter the dimensions of yourTrash Can



  • Do not rely on manufacturer specs as they may include handles, lid, or other feauters.For accuracy, measure your can using a tape measure.

For a great fit, you will need a trash bag that is closest to:We may have a bag in these exact dimensions in stock. Or, on the next page, look for a similar size bag from our wide assortment.

  • Explore ALL your options.The thickness or color you are looking for may not be available in your size, so ROUND UP or DOWN a couple of inches.
  • Disregard the GALLON Size. Sometimes.The Gallon size listed on your trash can may be different from the trash bag that fits. i.e. 32 Gallon Toter trash cans actually need a 55 Gallon bag!
Still can't find the right size?Here are two other ways to determine what size trash bag you need...You decide what size trash bag you need based on the gallon capacity of your trash can.Sounds logical enough, right?Wrong.Consider this: A 48 gallon Toter actually needs a 65 gallon trash bag.So what should you do?HERE ARE TWO SIMPLE STEPS TO DETERMINE WHAT SIZE TRASH BAG YOU NEED:

STEP 1: Determine the width of the trash bag you will need:


For square/rectangle trash cans: Take the perimeter (sum of all the sides) of your trash can and divide by 2. This will be the width of your trash bag.

(Example: Perimeter of can = 32”Width of trash bag = Perimeter (32) divided by two = 16”) round-can-with-diameterFor round trash cans: Take the diameter (width of your trash can) and multiply by 3.14 (pi). Take this number and divide by 2. This will be the width of your trash bag.(Example: Diameter = 16"Width of trash bag = 16 x 3.14 = 50”;50 divided by 2 = 25.) STEP 2: Determine the height of the trash bag you will need:

Measure the height of your trash can or look up its dimensions online. Add four inches for overhang plus half the width (diameter) to cover the bottom of your can. This will be your trash bag’s height.

Example: Toter 64 Gallon Wheeled Trash CanHeight: 42"Diameter/Width: 24"Bag height needed: 42 (can height) + 4 (overhang) + 12 (1/2 can width) = 60.

That’s it. You’re done. You got your width, you got your height. You're good to go!Note: While your measurements may not match up exactly, simply rounding up or down a few inches should be just fine. (You can always speak with one of our reps just to be sure.)Just one last detail...HOW THICK SHOULD YOUR TRASH BAG BE?

For every day, kitchen-type trash, a .90 Mil will do just fine.

For heavier trash and items with sharp edges (cardboard boxes, wood, metal, yard waste), choose a 1.5 Mil bag or higher.

For light trash (papers, tissues, etc.), thinner, high density bags will suit your needs.

If you're even the slightest in doubt whether your measurements are correct, please don't hesitate to speak with one of our trash bag experts. You can call 877-343-2247 or use our live chat feature in the top right-hand corner of any page.We’d be happy to help you. ; )Bag Size Reference Chart:
Wheeled Trash Can Size Bag Dimension Bag Size
20 Gallon 40"W x 46"H 40-45 Gallon
24 Gallon 40"W x 46"H 40-45 Gallon
32 Gallon 40"W x 50"H 55 Gallon
35 Gallon 40"W x 50"H 55 Gallon
45 Gallon 50"W x 48"H 65 Gallon
48 Gallon 50"W x 48"H 65 Gallon
50 Gallon 50"W x 48"H 65 Gallon
64 Gallon 50"W x 60"H 65 Gallon
65 Gallon 50"W x 48"H 65 Gallon
95 Gallon 61"W x 68"H 95 Gallon
96 Gallon 61"W x 68"H 95 Gallon
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