Combined Case Volume Discount

Don't need 8 cases of a single product but want to cash in on our Volume Discount?

No worries.  We've got your back.  That's why we offer a volume discount that will help you save even when you purchase a TOTAL of 8 cases of a variety of products!

That's right.  Any combination.  Any Trash Bags.  Just make sure your TOTAL is at least 8 cases.

How it works:

Put a total of 8 cases or more of any case combination into your cart and the shopping cart will automatically adjust to bill only the 8cs+ price that is listed on each product's detail page.

For example: order 3 cases of X + 2 cases of Y + 3 cases of Z and only get charged the listed 8cs+ price.

Questions? Call us at 877.343.2247 or E-mail to

The following products are excluded from the combined case volume discount:

Rubberbands, Junior Packs, Twist Ties, and Samples

Other exclusions may apply.