Mix & Match Plasticplace Products for Discounted Pricing


    Looking for ways to maximize your savings on Plasticplace products? 

    No worries. We've got your back. By combining your favorite Plasticplace products, you can now enjoy discounted pricing on every order. That's right. Any combination. Any Trash Bag. As long as your total is at least 2 cases, you will qualify for a discount!

    How It Works

    When you add any 2 trash bag cases to your cart, you qualify for a discount. The more cases you add, the larger the discount you unlock:

    2 Cases

    10% Discount

    4 Cases

    13% Discount

    12 Cases

    16% Discount

    20 Cases

    19% Discount

    50 Cases

    22% Discount

    Example: If you add 1 case of product x, 1 case of product y that would qualify for a discount on your order as you now have 2 cases in your cart.

    • Customized Savings

      Tailor your discounts to your own specific needs by mixing and matching different trash bags. There is now a unified discount system. This means that the more you order, the more you save!

    • Versatile Selection

      Our Mix and Match program allows you to choose from our wide range of trash bag cases, ensuring you get the exact products you need while still enjoying discounted pricing.

    • Easy To Use

      Our website automatically calculates your discount based on the number of cases you add to your cart, making it hassle-free to save on every order.

    Start Saving Today!

    Our mission at Plasticplace has always been to provide our customers with a product that they can trust at an affordable price. 

    Whether you're stocking up for home or business use, our program aim to makes it easier than ever to get the quality trash bags you need at unbeatable prices.

    Have Questions?

    We're always a phone call away at 877-343-2247. We are also always available to help by E-mail  as well. Questions can be sent to info@plasticplace.com where a quick response can be expected.

    The following products are excluded from the combined case volume discount:

    Twist Ties, and Samples.

    Other exclusions may apply.