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3 Reasons to Get Rid of Grotesque Grocery Bags

3 Reasons to Get Rid of Grotesque Grocery Bags

For most homeowners, wastepaper baskets are a domestic convenience, but these tiny bins can easily become a problem without the proper liner. In fact, many people choose to reuse old shopping bags as liners, a practice that is generally not recommended as these bags rarely hold up to everyday use. Plasticplace, on the other hand, provides liners for your wastepaper basket that are designed for superior performance. If you are still not sure whether small garbage bags are worth the investment, here are three reasons to do away with grungy grocery bag liners.

Fitting Your Wastepaper Basket bathroom trash can

When you look at your wastepaper basket, what is the first thing that you notice? If you use shopping bags for your trash bin, there is probably an unsightly amount of shopping bag plastic overflowing from the top. This can look messy or out of place, putting a serious damper on your décor. Fortunately, trash bags for wastepaper baskets are made to be inconspicuous. For those who want to eliminate the brown and yellow eyesores that are so often shoved into a cabinet or drawer, Plasticplace works with the most reliable manufacturers to supply 3- to 6-gallon garbage bags in both white and clear.

Eliminating Leaks and Tears

If you are not too concerned about appearance, there are practical advantages to consider as well. While shopping bags might be convenient on a short-term basis, they are much weaker than polyethylene trash bags for wastepaper baskets. When you order top-quality liners from Plasticplace, you won't have to worry about tears or leaks. This means cleaning will be minimal and unpleasant odors that can develop over time will be prevented. Even if you use your wastepaper basket solely for paper and pencil shavings, you can still puncture the liner, releasing a heap of garbage onto your floor. No matter who is responsible for taking out the trash, a flexible, low-density garbage bag can resist moisture and sharp edges to minimize the mess in your home.

Taking Care of the Environment

Finally, buying small garbage bags from Plasticplace is an act of preservation. According to the Center for Biological Diversity, 100 billion plastic bags are used annually in the United States. However, shopping bags are not biodegradable. If you are having difficulty putting these numbers into perspective, consider how many plastic shopping bags you bring home. Now imagine all those bags sitting in a landfill for 500 years or more, releasing harmful toxins and microplastics into the environment. When you throw a single-use bag in the trash, you are essentially condemning the Earth to a lifetime of pollution. At Plasticplace, you will find 3- to 6-gallon garbage bags that are made from recycled materials. If you are storing and using fewer shopping bags, it is easier to recycle them, reducing the number of bags in oceans and landfills.

Plasticplace has spent 35 years building relationships with well-known manufacturers so that you can feel confident about the products you use in your home. To get help selecting small garbage bags for your wastepaper basket, the experts at Plasticplace can explain the features of each product as well as pricing and environmental impact.

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