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Happy Customer Sends Email After Buying 64 Gallon Garbage Bag Liners

Happy Customer Sends Email After Buying 64 Gallon Garbage Bag Liners

Lisa is a typical homeowner. She bought a typical garbage can for her home and then needed typical garbage bags. Lisa ordered them from and then had an atypical experience.

Here’s Lisa’s story, in her own words…

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to express my incredible SATISFACTION with your company.

Yesterday I purchased a garbage can. I was in need of some 64 gallon trash bags for my toter trash can. I went online and found your company. I placed an order for 50 can liners. The price seemed reasonable (as I have never ordered can liners before - and your shipping price was $5.00). I placed this order at 4:00pm TODAY and a day later I received my order at my front door. I’m sure many people take the time to email their dissatisfaction or complaints to various companies. But I must take the time out to let you know how COMPLETELY SATISFIED I am with your company. 24 hours after placing an order, I receive my item and it is exactly what I needed.

I know these are only can liners, but when a company exceeds expectations, I think it’s only right to let them know how great that is.

I have posted a glowing review on my Facebook and let many of my neighbors know about your company. Since we are in a development with all new construction, many families are purchasing garbage cans as well as other items that new home owners are in need of. I have let many of them know that if they are in need of this or any other items, to please check out your website.

Thank you again for such great service. I will continue to spread the good word and know that you have a customer for life.

Warmest regards,


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