How to Keep Dogs Out of the Trash

How to Keep Dogs Out of the Trash

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Your day was going so well — and then you came home and found your kitchen trash tipped over, with the contents of the trash bag spilled all across the floor. That’s right — your dog’s been looking for snacks again, and they’ve done it in the worst place possible.

Raiding the garbage isn’t just an irritation. It can actually be dangerous for your dog if they get into foods like chocolate or chicken bones. So there’s plenty of good reasons to keep your dog out of the kitchen trash. As for how to keep dogs out of the trash? It can be frustrating, but we’ve got some tips ahead that will help!

1. Make the trash can hard for your dog to access.

Often, the easiest way to keep your dog out of the trash is to make sure they can’t get to it in the first place. Many people choose to place their kitchen trash in a closet, pantry or cabinet for this reason. 

Consider getting a trash can that’s harder for a dog to knock over and root through. Choose a can that stays closed if it’s knocked over. The so-called “butterfly” cans with double flaps on top are a great choice for this. Many of Simplehuman’s cans include dog-resistant features, but make sure you get some Simplehuman garbage bags to get the fit just right!Find Simplehuman Garbage Bags That Are Compatible with Your CanBaby gates can be another effective way to keep your dog out of the trash. Place a baby gate across your kitchen door and keep it closed when you’re away. However, be aware that big dogs can often jump a baby gate! 

2. Double-check that you’re feeding your dog enough food.

A dog that isn’t getting enough to eat will be more inclined to seek out food. Obviously, you’d never underfeed your dog on purpose, but it’s worth double-checking the recommended serving size on the food bag and/or food cans. 

If your dog seems hungry often and you’re already feeding the recommended amount, give your veterinarian a call and talk about whether you might need to adjust your dog’s diet. Also, check to make sure your dog is eating all of their food. It’s possible that they’re just picky and need to be switched to a food that’s more appealing than your leftovers.

3. Don’t leave a full bag of trash to sit around and create dog-attracting odors.

The longer a full trash bag sits, the stronger the smells it will often create. And while you might not enjoy the smell of a trash can, your dog will probably love it, especially if there’s meat inside. Remember, your dog has a sense of smell thousands of times stronger than a human’s, so even if you can’t smell anything from your trash, they probably can! Moral of the story: Take your trash bag out before it starts to smell.

If your trash bags leak or slip, the escaped trash can make your can itself smelly, not just the bag. First things first: It’s critical to buy a quality brand of trash bags that won’t leak inside your can. Having trouble with slipping bags? Drawstring trash bags are great for giving your bag a secure fit on the can, or use a garbage can rubber band to truly ensure that your bag isn’t going anywhere. Try Drawstring Trash Bags That Make It Easier to Tie OffBad dog with head in trash can

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4. Use hot sauce or vinegar to make the trash unappealing.

Most dogs dislike spicy things, so you can splash your trash with hot sauce to keep them away. Put some hot sauce in a spray bottle and spray the inside and outside rim of the can with it. This will give the dog an unpleasantly spicy noseful that will make them think twice about raiding the trash. 

Some dog owners also use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar for the same purpose. Whatever you choose, note that this method doesn’t always work permanently. Some dogs will get back to their old ways once you stop applying the scents. 

5. Give your dog plenty of toys and fun stuff to do.

Some dogs will knock over the trash simply because they’re bored or anxious. If your dog isn’t getting much playtime or a walk at least once a day, it could be that they’re taking out their extra energy on your trash can. 

Try building some regular time into your schedule for playing with your dog. Additionally, find some entertaining toys (like a peanut butter puzzle toy) to keep your dog busy while you’re away. If you think your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety, talk to your vet about how to keep your pooch calm while they’re alone.shepherd dog digging with head in trash can

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