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3 Never-Fail Ways to Keep Your Trash Bag From Falling Into Your Can

3 Never-Fail Ways to Keep Your Trash Bag From Falling Into Your Can

It happened again.

You tossed a piece of lumber into your 55 gallon Brute trash can only to watch the trash bag fall helplessly in after it.

It’s not the first time it’s happened. But after reading this article, it’ll hopefully be the last.

Like you, we’re trash bag users. We know the frustration of keeping your trash bags from falling into the can. To help you out, we've put together three sure-fire ways to keep that bag from moving an inch.

1. Extra-Large Rubber Bandsrubber bandThe easiest and quickest method by far, extra-large rubber bands do a fantastic job of keeping your bag tightly snug around your can. Just slip them over the overhang around the rim of your can and you’re good to go.

These extra-large rubber bands are perfect for 33 and 55 gallon trash cans as well as 65 and 95 gallon Toters.

“…the rubber bands keep [the bag] really snug around the top so we don't spend time cleaning trash cans anymore!”

That’s what one of our customers recently said. Seems like our extra-large rubber bands not only do a great job of keeping your trash bag in place, they also do a great job of keeping your can nice and clean. That’s a pretty good added benefit. One we weren’t expecting… but one you’re sure to enjoy.

2. Tie One Corner of Your Bag in a Small Knotknot tied trash bagI’m sure you've seen this method on trash cans in office buildings. You may have even asked yourself, “How did they do that?”

Here’s how:

Step 1: Tie a corner of the bag in a small knot. (Be sure to tie the knot before you put the bag inside your can. Also, don’t tie the knot too tight so you have room to adjust.)

Step 2: Put your bag inside the can and stretch the bag over the lip.

You’ll need a little practice to figure out just how much to tie off. (This method also works best with high density trash bags since they’re thinner and easier to tie and adjust the knots.)

3. Large Binder Clips

binder clipQuite possible one of the most versatile items ever (just do a Google search), binder clips do a bang-up job of keeping your trash bag clamped to the rim of the can with no chance of escape.

You can buy them at any office supplies store like Staples or OfficeMax. Just make sure to get the large binder clips (at least 2”).

Worried about using a lid? When you fold down the metal bars, your lid should fit effortlessly. Pretty nifty.

Put an End to Trash Bags Falling in to Cans Once-and-for-All

We’ve given you three foolproof ways to keep that bag in place.

Try one out. Or try them all. Let us know which one you like best.

And if you’ve have found other ways to keep that bag from slipping in, please let us know.

We’d love to hear from you.

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