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How to Put a Trash Bag in a Trash Can

How to Put a Trash Bag in a Trash Can

The internet is great at turning everything we know upside down. 

Recently, TikTok and other social media platforms have seen a spirited debate about how to put a trash bag in a trash can. Wait, really? Many of us have been changing trash bags for most of our lives, so how hard can it be?

Fear not, trash bags still work basically just like they always have. However, the truth is that there is more than one method for how to put a trash bag in a trash can, and it doesn’t hurt to explore different ways of doing this essential household chore!

Let’s look at how this alternate method for changing a trash bag works. While we’re at it, we can examine a few key trash bag changing tips that will help you get the most from every can liner.

What’s Up with That Trash Bag TikTok Video?

For those who don’t spend much time on TikTok, we’ll catch you up about the now-famous trash bag video. It all starts with a video posted by a woman named Hannah Ian (@storedsimply), one of TikTok’s many cleaning-related influencers:

In the video, Ian shows her audience a supposedly better way to put a trash bag into a trash can. According to her, almost everyone uses the wrong method when putting a new trash bag in. Specifically, she calls out the shaking motion that people use to open the bag. It turns out that there’s no need for this motion!

Instead, Ian shows how to place the trash bag over the rim of the can and then push it down inside for a snug fit. She goes so far as to say that it’s how you’re “supposed” to put a trash bag in a trash can. Her argument: Most trash bags come with their seam facing out when you remove them from the box. When using her method, the seam automatically ends up on the inside of the bag. 

This method might not sound revolutionary, but it’s worth trying to see if you like it! Check out our detailed instructions next. 

How to Put a Trash Bag in a Trash Can (The TikTok Way)

How to Put a Trash Bag in a Trash Can (The TikTok Way)

The new trash bag method is simple, and we’ll break it down for you below. Here’s how it works, step by step:

  1. Take the trash bag out of the box. Resist the instinct to shake it out like you normally would. 
  2. Instead, place the bag’s opening over the lip of the trash can, like a hat.
  3. Push the bag down into the can with your hand to get the air out of it. If you’re not using drawstring trash bags, you might need to hold the bag in place with your other hand. 
  4. Use the trash bag as normal!  
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Is the Hat Method Better?

Let’s start with the good news: There’s really no wrong method for how to put a trash bag in a trash can, and you haven’t been doing it wrong all along if you don’t use the method described above. Breathe easy — it’s really not a big deal! 

The “hat” method of putting a trash bag into a trash can can definitely be useful. For some people and some trash cans, it might even work better. It’s certainly quieter than the classic open-and-shake method, so if you want to avoid loud noises, this alternate method could be exactly what you’re looking for.

But the open-and-shake method is still perfectly acceptable. You won’t harm your trash bag or your trash can by putting the bag in the standard way. We’re also not here to tell you which method of putting a trash bag in a trash can will yield the best results. So long as you change the bag when it’s full, either method will usually be fine! 

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Tips for Putting a Trash Bag in a Trash Can

When it comes to the process of changing your trash bag, we have some tips and hacks to get the most out of your can liners. These five tips will help you keep your cans cleaner and make your life easier. 

Tips for Putting a Trash Bag in a Trash Can

1. Clean your garbage can regularly when you put a new liner in.

Make sure to regularly clean out the can itself between trash bag changes. If a bag has leaked, or especially if the bag has fallen down into the trash can, there could be residue remaining on the inside. (Check out tip #5 if you’re tired of dealing with trash bags slipping into the can!)

Why is cleaning your trash can so important? For one thing, it helps prevent bad smells from developing inside the can. But cleaning trash cans regularly is also a key part of how to keep flies away from trash cans, and it deters other insects like ants and roaches, too. Even if you’re not having problems now, cleaning your trash can regularly will help keep away both pests and odors in the future. 

Smiling young maid wearing black apron and yellow latex rubber gloves standing in kitchen holding black plastic garbage bag

2. Use trash bags that are suited to the type of garbage and your household’s needs.

Heavy duty trash bags are a must for most kitchens and garage areas. A can that fits a 13-gallon trash bag is the most typical size for these rooms, but some households might need trash cans with a larger capacity that use 20- to 30-gallon trash bags.

Smaller bag sizes are the standard choice for wastebaskets in bedrooms, offices and bathrooms, with 8-gallon trash bags being a common size for these smaller cans. Meanwhile, the rollaway carts that most cities and towns use for trash collection usually need a jumbo-sized 55-gallon trash bag or bigger

Ordering through Plasticplace makes it simple to find every size of bag you need in the same place, with world class customer service to guide you through your choice. If you’re not sure what size bag you need, or you don’t see your size available, don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

3. If you’re running low on bags, make a note to order some more before you take the trash out.

By the time you’ve changed the bag and finished taking the trash out, it’s easy to forget that you need to restock trash bags. Instead, use this simple life hack to remember to do it: Set an alarm or a reminder for yourself before you walk out the door. Five minutes is plenty for most people, although you might want to give yourself a little more time if you’re dealing with a lot of stairs. 

Once you’re back inside and have washed your hands, get your trash bag order done! Plasticplace makes the whole process easy to accomplish in just a few minutes. You can shop by gallon size, by dimensions or even features like bag color and density. 

4. If you have a Simplehuman trash can, use a Simplehuman compatible trash bag.

Simplehuman trash cans are a popular brand that many people have in their homes. If you have a Simplehuman can, however, you should know that they work best with trash bags designed to fit their specific shapes. 

That’s why Plasticplace offers high quality Simplehuman trash bags. These bags are made to fit Simplehuman trash cans exactly, but cost up to 22 percent less! Our Simplehuman compatible bags even use the same liner codes, so it’s easy to tell which ones you need. 

5. Secure your garbage bag to the top of your trash can with rubber bands.

Trash bags that slip down into the can are a common problem that most people have experienced. But did you know there’s an easy way to fight this problem? We recommend using trash can rubber bands to secure the bag to the rim of the can. 

These oversized bands stretch over the lip of a garbage can and hold the trash bag securely in place. Some people use other methods like alligator clips or clothespins, but these can get in the way, and you’ll need several of them to do the same thing as one rubber band. Do make sure to choose the right size of rubber band for your can, since each size is made to fit exactly. 

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We’ve heard the varying sides of the debate over how to put a trash bag in a trash can. The bottom line? Do what works for you! Just make sure that your trash bags fit the trash can securely and that you’re changing them regularly.

the easiest and most painless part of your day

Our goal at Plasticplace is to make restocking your trash bags the easiest and most painless part of your day. That’s why we have our dedicated customer service, fast shipping and a comprehensive selection! Order trash bags online now, or call us at 877-343-2247 for help from our expert staff. 

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