5 Common Objections to Using Small Trash Bags Around the House

To line, or not to line – that is the question.

Yes. The question of whether or not to use small trash bags for your small garbage cans in your bathroom, bedroom and around your home is not on the same level as Hamlet’s soliloquy contemplating death and suicide in William Shakespeare’s play. However, the issue still warrants a discussion since opinions and options abound.

Case in point: I recently found a debate that took place in the comments section of an article on our subject posted on apartmenttherapy.com. And let me tell you, both sides were pretty heated.

Let’s face it, most of us settle on using shopping bags to line these small trash cans instead of small trash can liners. It does the job, but at a price. Take a look. It's not a pretty picture:Bathroom trash can and guest room can

These ill-fitting, décor-ruining bags just don’t cut it. The best solution is to buy a well-fitting, good-looking bag. A 4-gallon bag is just the right size. You can view ours here.

Now, we know there will be some of you who will hesitate to take on this simple solution and stick to your shopping bag guns. That’s ok. That’s why we’re here. To talk things out. So let’s go through five common objections and discuss some options.

1. I can’t find small trash bags at the store to fit my can.You’re 100% correct. A visit to your local grocery store will most likely turn up no viable options. But never fear, Plasticplace is here! We just added two new items that will surely fit your small garbage can.

2. The bags are going to ruin my décor.Trash can covers

We hear you. That’s definitely a valid concern. However, our bags are made of clear plastic, not the stark white or depressing black you may be imagining. And if you really want to conceal your trash bag, you can dress up your trash can with these handmade designer small trash can covers available at etsy.com:

3. Trash bags are expensive.How does $4.99 for a year’s supply sound? I’d say that’s sounds pretty reasonable. We’re talking less than half a penny per day. Not possible? Well that’s how much we’re charging. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

4. Plastic bags are bad for the environment.Right again! That’s why you’ll be happy to know that our trash bags are made from at least 50% recycled materials. Plus, even if you do end up throwing away your trash bag, at one small bag per week, that’s certainly less of an impact on the environment than your countless shopping bags resulting from weekly grocery shopping.

5. I only put tissues, papers and other dry trash in the cans so they really don’t need a liner.

Oh, how we wish this would be true. Inevitably, that inadvertent piece of gum, shaver trimmings or used tissue will somehow find its way into your trash can. And then you will have to end up cleaning it. And then you will have wished you had lined your can with a small trash bag.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are three reasons to line that can:[caption id="attachment_557" align="alignleft" width="300"]small trash bag

Look how beautiful I am with a well-fitting liner![/caption]

- Your guests will appreciate it. Guests may feel more comfortable throwing their garbage into a trash can with a liner. Plus, it could save them the embarrassment of going into your kitchen to throw out their trash, giving you a front-row seat into their private trash (read lives).

- Great first chore for kids: Your kids are small. The cans are small. The bags are small. The payoff is huge.

- Child throwing up in middle of night: A lined can is worth its weight in gold.

If you’re still not convinced that small trash can liners trump shopping bags, just make sure you don’t live in California. Because come July 1, 2015, plastic shopping bags will be banned in grocery stores and pharmacies. If you still want them, you’ll have to pay for them. Ouch.


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