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What To Do About Smelly Garbage

What To Do About Smelly Garbage

SUMMER is coming – and with it, smelly trash cans will become an issue as always.

So just imagine: you're walking down the sidewalk near your neighbor's property, or maybe climbing down to the garbage room in his building, or even passing the open alley next to his place of business. Suddenly the stench from your neighbor's garbage hits you hard – a major, major downer.

Wait a minute, maybe the stink is not your neighbor's but from your own garbage...

Our human sense of smell has evolved to recognize and hate these “natural” smells in order to keep us away from their source. We certainly don't want to meet the vermin, rats and maggots which they tend to attract. We certainly don't want to contract the diseases these pests bring

But you've got to do something!

What can you, the average business do about it? And remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • One preventive measure would be simply to not create garbage in the first place. Instead, try “Re-use, Recycle, Reduce.” You say impossible? You are correct, of course, we can't recycle everything. Some garbage, especially the organic kind that creates the really bad smells, will remain to bedevil us.
So then, what can you do about it?
  • Keep that trash can, receptacle or bin clean, or at least as clean as you can. Empty it frequently, clean it, scrub it, disinfect it. Use bleach, detergent and vinegar, which are effective antibacterial agents. Try to keep the bin dry, especially with sunshine, effective against many microorganisms. Dispose of the garbage frequently.
  • One important method of containing and isolating garbage prone to smells and vermin like maggots is to use thick plastic liners. The thickness will add extra protection against rips, accidental punctures by sharp or jagged objects, and even infiltration by animals outdoors. Using plastic liners and bags also facilitates easy disposal of your garbage and thus helps keep the can, receptacle or bin clean. The longer you save your summer garbage, the unhappier you'll be with the result.

We at PlasticPlace distribute 95 gallon trash bags and smaller bags to line rolling trash carts. If you need large, thick plastic bags and liners, you will find them here and at the highest quality. We believe it's a pretty simple choice – suffer with summer garbage stink or use our bags and liners to save yourself and your neighbors lots of frustration and grief.

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SUMMER is coming.

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