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Are the 24x24 can liners strong enough for heavy waste?  

Yes, they are. While these bags are not best suited for heavy-duty waste disposal, they are strong enough to handle more than just your average kitchen waste or office paper. Users can count on the bags' superior quality recycled resins when dealing with heavy waste. Whether it's kitchen leftovers, garden debris, or even heavier items like books and electronic waste, our 24x24 garbage bags can withstand the rigors without compromising integrity. Give them a try today. 

Can the 24x24 garbage bags be used for yard waste?

Absolutely. Grass clippings, shrubs, branches, grass, and other oddly shaped yard waste are not a problem for our 24x24 can liners. Their remarkable resistance to punctures and rips makes them reliable for all your yard cleanup needs. They can stretch without tearing while adapting to the shape of your trash can to ensure a snug fit. 

How do I properly seal the trash bags to prevent leaks?

Efficient trash bag closures facilitate hassle-free trash disposal. This is especially important when dealing with wet trash. Our 24x24 trash bags come with traditional twist-tie closures. They offer ample overhang for easy tying when used with 7-10 gallon trash cans. You should avoid overfilling while ensuring an even distribution of the content in the bag. We recommend filling the trash bag at most three-quarters full. Release excess air to give room for a more compact package. Next, grasp the open end of the bag and twist it tightly, creating a seal above the waste. 

How should I dispose of the can liners responsibly?

All our trash bags are recyclable. With the looming effects of global warming, responsible disposal of waste is crucial for environmental protection. You can never go wrong by adhering to your local waste management regulations. Remember, specific guidelines for disposing of trash and recyclables are sometimes different. 

Hence, you should check your local waste management services to ensure you're disposing of your can liners under local policies. Before disposing of the can liner, ensure you've separated recyclable materials from non-recyclable waste. It is good practice to place recyclables in designated bins without the can liner, as most recycling centers do not accept plastic bags. 

Do your garbage bags have any certifications or standards? 

Yes, they do. Our 24x24 trash bags meet rigorous standards for strength and durability. In addition, Plasticplace's compostable garbage bags are BPI-certified and comply with ASTM D6400 standards. This certification ensures that the bags break down promptly within a composting environment, aligning with our commitment to a greener future. Shop with us today and enjoy the peace of mind of quality locally-made trash bags. Get huge discounts on bulk orders. Don’t miss out!