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What is the thickness (mil) of these 36"W x 60"H trash bags, and how does it affect their durability? 

Our 36x60 can liners are available in thicknesses of 0.5, 0.67, and 0.87 mil (12, 17, and 22 microns, respectively). With each thickness level, you can cater to different types of waste and disposal demands. 

For instance, the 22-micron bags are tough enough for heavy, sharp objects, while the 12-micron bags are more suited for regular, lighter refuse. 

Choose the thickness that best fits your needs and experience a tailored approach to waste management. Grab your supplies today. 

Are these garbage bags suitable for heavy-duty use, like construction debris or heavy loads?

Yes, for sure! Our 36x60 garbage bags stand out for heavy-duty usage thanks to their high-quality virgin resins. This material choice means they are lightweight yet perform well, efficiently managing tough and heavy loads. 

The 12-micron thickness might seem minimal, but it can impressively hold up to 50 lbs of trash. The star seal at the bottom of each bag significantly enhances its ability to securely contain heavy and sharp trash. As far as reliability and performance go, these premium bags are an excellent choice.

Can these trash bags safely hold sharp or pointed objects without tearing?

Yes, they can. Our 36x60 trash bags are the prime choice for handling pointed and bulky items without tears or rips. Their superior quality plastic design makes all the difference in these bags. 

Also, their large size effortlessly allows our bags to contain everything from paper products to sharper commercial waste. This is why our 36x60 can liners are the economical choice for diverse environments, capable of managing restroom waste or larger, bulky items in trash bins without losing integrity. 

The countless positive customer reviews show our happy customers' trust in these bags. Give them a try today. 

Do these can liners offer any odor control to minimize unpleasant smells? 

No, they don't. However, these can liners focus on solid construction rather than specific odor-blocking technologies. But don't worry—thanks to their dependable design and the standard twist-tie closure, they excel at keeping nasty smells locked away. This helps you maintain a fresh and pleasant atmosphere around your trash area. Start shopping now.

What is the best way to store these trash bags to maintain their quality and usability?

Efficient trash bag management includes proper storage and usage. Thankfully, our 36x60 trash bags come conveniently packed in coreless rolls for easy dispensing and space-efficient storage. 

You'd want to ensure your bags retain their strength and resistance to punctures, tears, and leaks. Hence, the ideal place to store these rolls is somewhere cool and dry. This prevents the high-density material from becoming compromised by humidity or heat. 

By following these simple storage guidelines, your bags will always be in the best condition for any task.