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What is the thickness of these 40x48 trash bags?

Depending on the nature of the waste, the thickness of trash bags can be the deciding factor in their performance. Our quality 40x48 trash bags offer various thickness options to suit your needs: 12 Micron, 16 Micron, and 3 Mil. 

The 3 Mil bags, in particular, are the perfect helpers for heavy-duty cleaning, capable of holding up to 100 lbs. of trash without tearing. With their superior flexibility, they effortlessly conform to the shape of your can, ensuring a snug fit every time. Give them a try today. 

What material are these trash bags made from?

The 40x48 garbage bags stand out thanks to their construction with high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material choice gives our bags superior strength and flexibility to handle various waste types, including sharp and oddly shaped objects. 

But that’s not all, though. Our products undergo strict adherence to eco-friendly standards.

Are these garbage bags easy to separate from the roll? 

Yes, they are. At Plasticplace, we don't just offer quality and 100% satisfaction; we also keep convenience in mind. You can see this with our premium 40x48 can liners featuring perforated lines that ensure a smooth separation every time. 

So, whether you’re in a busy kitchen or at a bustling construction site, you can count on our bags to detach effortlessly from the roll without tearing or stretching. 

What can I use 40x48 trash bags for? 

The high-quality 40x48 garbage bags from Plasticplace are a top choice for many cleaning applications and settings. Some of these include:

Large household and commercial kitchens: Ideal for collecting trash in commercial outlets such as restaurants, cafes, and large household kitchens. The reinforced star seal bottoms ensure zero leaks or tears, even under heavy loads.

Healthcare facilities and hospitals: Our 40x48 trash bags are an economical choice for efficient medical waste management. Their high-density material ensures durability and dependable tear resistance.

Construction: Project sites are notorious for generating sharp, bulky, and irregularly shaped waste. Thankfully, these are no match for our 40x48 can liners, offering unrivaled value for your investment.

Outdoor/yard cleaning: Our bags are resistant to the elements, making them a solid choice for both indoor and outdoor cleaning demands. Great for collecting  recyclable waste, leaves, branches, and outdoor debris.

Alternative storage solutions: Aside from trash management, these bags provide a versatile solution for storage needs. With their durable build and generous capacity, our 40x48 bags easily accommodate seasonal items, toys, or donations.

Are they puncture-resistant? 

Certainly, they are. Our 40x48 garbage bags feature quality resins for reliability and excellent puncture resistance. There’s absolutely no room for garbage disasters with these bags. Their build ensures they can withstand sharp objects for effective cleanups—no messy spills and rips. So say goodbye to average trash bags and welcome to quality and durability.