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Questions & Answers

Are these green trash bags recyclable or compostable? 

At Plasticplace, we religiously commit to strict guidelines to preserve our planet's resources. Our green garbage bags, like all other products, are recyclable under certain conditions. We encourage customers to check with qualified agencies to ensure these bags meet the local recycling requirements. However, these recyclable trash bags are not compostable at the moment. We are actively working on more sustainable solutions to balance quality and sustainability.

What can I use green trash bags for? 

Colored trash bags and can liners make waste sorting and recycling efforts as breezy as possible. During sorting, compost waste usually ends up in green bags. However, our premium green plastic trash bags serve many purposes. These include: 

Commercial and household kitchens: They are suitable for general waste from commercial and household kitchens. Their quality materials and generous sizes can be super helpful to large families and businesses seeking a robust solution to their cleaning challenges. Additionally, their twist-tie design allows users to effectively keep out nasty kitchen odors.

Yard and garden cleanups: These garbage bags are perfect for your yard and garden debris, thanks to their strength and robust design. They can contain many irregularly shaped objects without tearing. These include wood chips, grass, prunings, weeds, and more. 

Storage solutions: Beyond waste collection, green recycling bags are great helpers to maintain a clutter-free environment. These bags are great for storing less frequently used items such as bedding, seasonal clothes, and old toys.

Are these garbage bags good for sorting trash? 

Absolutely. Garbage sorting is one of the primary instances where our green garbage bags shine. These bags allow environmentally conscious households and businesses to maximize their waste recycling efforts significantly. While the green color can serve as a visual cue for sorting, it's important to note that our high-quality green bags are versatile and perfect for various types of waste, not just compostable/food waste. However, it’s better to follow local composting guidelines to maximize environmental benefits.

Have Plasticplace green trash bags any special features? 

Yes, they do! As with all our products, these green plastic trash bags have several standout features compared to others in the market. Some of them include: 

  • Varying thickness and size options allow customers to find just the right bag for their cleaning needs.
  • Our green bags are leak-proof, tear, and puncture-resistant. Made-in-the-US plastic trash bags are suitable for the most demanding indoor and outdoor trash disposal. Premium resins provide the necessary elasticity for processing objects with sharp edges.
  • Built with recycled materials, they are a testament to our commitment to eco-friendliness and sustainability.

Are these bags suitable for both dry and wet garbage? 

Certainly, they are. Our green trash bags flaunt gusset seals and reinforced bottoms, making them a smart choice for both dry and wet trash. Whether you're dealing with kitchen waste, bathroom trash, or yard debris, these bags protect you from leaks and spills. Ready to get started? Go for a cleaner and more hygienic environment with our green bags today!