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Questions & Answers

When Can I Use Orange Trash Bags?

Our versatile orange bags are great for many cleanup jobs and trash cans. However, their vibrant appearance makes them a top choice for specific waste management applications in personal and professional environments. Additionally, certain local authorities mandate collecting trash in an environmentally friendly manner. That's where these bags come in. Here are some examples:

Recycling separation: Used by families and processing facilities for segregating normal recyclables from hazardous materials, speeding up cleanup time and efficiency. 

Healthcare color coding: Great for collecting harmful chemicals and infectious clinical waste in nursing homes, labs, and hospitals. 

Storage: Beyond collecting trash, these bags are perfect for storing rarely used common items such as glassware, old decor, and more. 

Grocery stores, restaurants, and food production plants: These reliable bags are suitable for dry and liquid food waste. They can comfortably contain expired foods, paper packaging, vegetable peelings, leftovers, and cans. 

Hotels and resorts: Help streamline the cleaning process in hotels and resorts, ensuring the correct identification of recyclable materials. 

Are These Plasticplace Orange Garbage Bags Perfect for Waste Sorting? 

Absolutely, they are. Our premium orange plastic trash bags are beneficial when segregating clinical waste from both non-infectious and infectious waste. These could include aprons, bandages, gloves, masks, dressing and wipes. This waste type can be harmful to both humans and the environment. But with these bags, business owners and their employees can always ensure safety. 

Is Hazardous Trash a Problem for These Bags? 

Not at all! Hazardous trash and related waste are no match for our high-quality orange bags. These bags boast superior strength and durability and are puncture and tear-resistant. Their high-quality, low-density plastic material makes all the difference. What's more, Plasticplace orange garbage bags are perfect for both indoor and outdoor waste management. A trial will convince you. Get yours today. 

What Are the Functions of a Flat Seal? 

Our orange garbage bags come with a flat seal design, adding to their performance and dependability.

Here are some of the functions of the flat seal bottoms:

  • Lets the bags stand up freely, making them easy to load and transport.
  • Accounts for the bags' resistance to leaks, adding to their ability to handle dry and wet trash. 
  • Allows for efficient use of space within the bag, fitting more waste material and reducing change frequencies.
  • Flat-seal trash bags generally take up less space, adding to their ease of storage and handling. 

Are Orange Trash Bags Suitable for Collecting Donations?

Yes, they are. The distinct coloration of the orange trash bags helps volunteers and donors quickly identify the correct receptacle for their contributions. This significantly reduces confusion and streamlines the donation process. Also, their strength and generous gallon capacity ensure the collection of large volumes of items at a go without tearing. 

Ready to step up your cleaning game? Go for quality orange recycling bags today, and be glad you did. Remember - you get a 10% discount on your first purchase. It is our way of welcoming you to the happy family. Shop now!