32-33 Gallon Trash Bags - 1.0 Mil - 100/Case

32-33 Black 1.0 Mil 100 In-Stock

32-33 Gallon Trash Bags - 1.0 Mil - 100/Case

32-33 Black 100 In-Stock

Everyday Strength: Unmatched durability, No Rips or Leaks.

Thickness Accuracy: Guaranteed thickness for maximum reliability.

Convenient and Versatile: Fits all bins, easy to store.

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A big heavy bag for big heavy garbage, great for when you want something that can stand up to rigorous use. Whether you’re looking to outfit a commercial kitchen or attack a big mess in the backyard, these high-quality black garbage bags are up to the job. Carefully made in the USA from superior polyethylene. The low-density resin resists tears and punctures, while being flexible enough to stand up to heavy loads. This bag’s sturdy reinforced gusset seal adds an extra layer of strength and resilience.
Gallon Capacity 32-33
Dimensions 23"W x 10"D x 39"H
Color Black
Thickness 1.0 Mil
Density Low Density
Seal Gusset
Closure Standard, Twist-tie
Case Count 100
Packed in Case Flat Packed
Case Weight 9.18
Bag Load Capacity 80 lbs
Size Standard
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