SKU: T04806CL Former SKU: W4HDC

4 Gallon High Density Bags - 6 Micron - 2000/Case

4 Clear 6 Micron, Nominal Guage 2000 In-Stock

4 Gallon High Density Bags - 6 Micron - 2000/Case

4 Clear 2000 In-Stock
SKU: T04806CL Former SKU: W4HDC

Everyday Strength: Unmatched durability, No Rips or Leaks.

Thickness Accuracy: Guaranteed thickness for maximum reliability.

Convenient and Versatile: Fits all bins, easy to store.

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Are you looking for an unobtrusive and sleek lining solution for your small and decorative 6 quart can? Bulky and ugly colored bags be gone! A case of 4 gallon high density clear trash bags holds the answer. Invisible and conveniently sized, these thin yet strong bags get the job done without getting in the way. With 2000 bags per case, we’ve got every small wastebasket in the home or office covered for a really long time. Made from superior resins right here in the United States-purchase with confidence.
SKU T04806CL
Gallon Capacity 4
Dimensions 17"W x 18"H
Color Clear
Thickness 6 Micron, Nominal Guage
Density High Density
Seal Star
Closure Standard, Twist-tie
Case Count 2000
Packed in Case Coreless Roll
Case Weight 10.24
Bag Load Capacity 10 lbs
Size Standard
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