Compactor Bag Tubing

Black 4.0 Mil 1 In-Stock

Compactor Bag Tubing

Black 1 In-Stock

Everyday Strength: Unmatched durability, No Rips or Leaks.

Thickness Accuracy: Guaranteed thickness for maximum reliability.

Convenient and Versatile: Fits all bins, easy to store.

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These black tubes are one extremely long plastic bag that can be cut down anywhere you'd like to make a trash bag that is exactly the size you need. Whether you need an extra long bag or an extra short bag. If you can't find a bag with the dimensions you are looking for, this tube might just do the trick (just make sure the width works). This tube measures 29inch wide and is 269 feet long and has a thickness of 4 mil for your convenience. In addition, these bags can be used in compactors since they are thick and durable and can withstand mechanized pressure from machines that compact and compress the bags content.
Dimensions 29"W x 269'L
Color Black
Thickness 4.0 Mil
Density Low Density
Case Count 1
Packed in Case Roll with Core
Case Weight 26.96
Size Standard
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