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What are the main uses for 17"W x 18"H trash bags? 

Here are some primary uses of our high-quality 17x18 can liners:

Household kitchen waste: They have a robust design and are ideal for collecting kitchen waste, including expired food items, leftovers, packaging, etc. They fit neatly into most standard kitchen trash cans.

Pet waste: These bags are convenient for pet owners to dispose of small amounts of pet waste, such as litter box waste for cats or small dog waste.

Bathroom garbage: They are ideal for disposing of bathroom waste, such as tissues, cotton balls, and other hygiene products. Their compact size makes them a convenient choice for bathroom bins.

Small office waste: 17x18 trash bags are great for maintaining cleanliness in small office environments, including paper waste, discarded stationery, and other office trash.

Car trash: Keep your vehicle clean and organized by using these bags to collect wrappers, receipts, and other car trash. Our 17x18 can liners fit well into most car garbage cans or can be used standalone.

What is the thickness of these garbage bags? 

The thickness of your trash bag is a key consideration when looking for the ideal receptacle to meet specific cleaning needs. Our 17x18 trash bags come in two thickness options: 6 Micron and 0.5 Mil. The 6-micron option shines for lighter, less abrasive trash typical in offices or bathrooms, balancing strength and material efficiency. The 0.5-mil option can handle heavier trash without tears or leaks. 

Why are these bags good for home use?

Several reasons make our 17x18 garbage bags a top choice for home use. Some of these include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing, they blend seamlessly into any home environment.
  • Made in America with high-quality low-density plastic materials.
  • Resistant to tears, leaks, and punctures.
  • Snugly fit common trash cans in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Trusted by thousands of Americans
  • Versatile and great for bagging food scraps, bathroom waste, paper, and small items.

What trash these can liners can’t handle? 

These versatile 17x18 can liners are perfect for the following waste:

  • Household waste, including kitchen scraps, food packaging, and general refuse.
  • Office trash, including paper waste, light plastics, and small electronics packaging.
  • Bathroom debris, including tissue paper, product packaging, and light cleaning waste.
  • Small yard waste, including leaves and small twigs.

While our 17x18 trash bags are great for various cleaning applications, they are not an exact fit for hot items, chemical waste, and excessively heavy/sharp items.  

Can you recycle these 17"W x 18"H trash bags?

Yes, our 17x18 garbage bags are 100% recyclable. At Plasticplace, we promote sustainability by adhering to strict eco-friendly practices. We achieve this by partnering with manufacturers with minimal to zero environmental footprints. For proper disposal of these bags, we recommend consulting with local authorities on recycling guidelines. Buy from us today to make the Earth - our only home - more environmentally friendly.